Instant Dental Crowns

CEREC  – a perfectly aesthetic and efficient solution of ceramic dental restorations of damaged teeth or their unsightly parts, crowns and bridges. Indiscernible from natural dental tissue, it is featured by extraordinary material consistency and durability. CEREC works with CAD/CAM technology for 3D restoration designing to be used in subsequent crown contour milling  from one solid ceramic block. All this accomplished within one single treatment session at the clinic.

The term CEREC stands for:

  • Chairside: In-house technology applied while you are seated in the chair
  • Economical: The technique is economical for both your time and the dentist
  • Restorations: The treatment restores natural beauty of your teeth, their performance and strength
  • Esthetic: CEREC-based restoration is metal-free and matches the colour of your teeth
  • Ceramic: Extra strong ceramic blocks are used thoroughly simulating natural structure of your teeth

CEREC is a CAD/CAM 3D technology making it possible for the dentist to restore your damaged tooth, fabricate your crown, replace your  defective amalgam fillings with ceramic onlays, inlays, overlays or re-design your smile – all that inside approximately one hour´s dental work. This means there is no need for you to visit the dentist 3-times or more. Your treatment is completed within one single day, in one single session.

How does it work?

After planning the restoration, the dentist prepares your tooth, or what is left of it, and scans it into the computer using a special CEREC camera.  This means you do not have to bear the presence in your mouth of the dental impression material or spoons causing the gag reflex in some patients. As the next step, the CEREC unit, using the 3D CAD/CAM software, processes the scan of your tooth into 3D digitalized format. While you sit in the chair comfortably observing the screen and the dentist working. Assisted by the software, the dentist does the modelling of new restoration model, crown, veneer, onlay, inlay or bridge using the screen. This takes round 10 minutes.  Next, the restoration model is sent to the milling unit. With the milling process complete, the restoration is evaluated for fit in your mouth, its colour can be fine-tuned, it is polished and, finally, by way of an adhesive technique bonded in your mouth. The final touch up results in a  new crown, onlay, veneer, inlay, bridge etc fitted in your mouth and hard to distinguish from your innate tooth.

Prominent highlights

  • CEREC protects and fosters the tooth´s own structure
  • It is a true time saver. No need for you to move about with a broken tooth for a number of days – the treatment is completed in one single visit.
  • Best for perfect and natural look
  • Top quality materials
  • Long durability
  • Feels like innate tooth in the mouth
  • Absolutely precise fit
  • No metal in mouth
  • Pure ceramic is wholly biocompatible