Microscopic Dentistry

The state-of-the-art dental microscope by Carl Zeiss is now in use at the Elite Dental Clinic. Its brilliant optics, outstanding light source intensity and perfect colour resolution make this dental microscope a source of an excellent visualization of even the finest dental entities and tissue structures.

The Carl Zeiss microscope, specially designed for use in dentistry, comes with various innovative functions such as enabling the dentist to work with upto 22x magnifications. This feature upgrades dental workflow into microscopic surgery ensuring a perfect mastering of the intervention rewarded with a good long-term prognosis and significantly shorter healing periods. The Xenon illumination has light temperature characteristic of natural daylight. This high light source intensity allows observation of even deep and otherwise difficult-to-see tooth regions.

Benefits of Microscope Use in Individual Dental Treatments

Root Canal Therapy – Endodontics

Endodontics is one of the dentistry areas to meet with essential importance of surgical microscope use. With absence of optical instruments, tooth interior and root canals remain absolutely indiscernible for human eye. Endodontic treatment without such aid proceeds „blindfolded“ and the success rate of these „conventional“ therapies is reported at round 50 per cent. The surgical microscope provides a thorough observation capacity of the tooth interior (root canals). Which further widens the scope of our treatments targeted at problematic teeth with the quality of dental work exceeding 95 per cent success rate. Thus preserving teeth that otherwise were doomed for extraction.

Dental Examinations

Using surgical dental microscope in dental examination helps greatly in detecting even the tiniest caries often invisible in X-ray examination. Chinks in imperfect fillings or crowns can be seen just as well as a timely detection of dental fissures and fractures. The device is equally efficient in diagnostics of mucous membrane or gum problems.

Dental Fillings

When filling is applied assisted by the microscope, we are able to precisely and completely remove all the dentine and enamel affected by the decay and thoroughly trim the filling applied. In tooth preparations („drilling“) the use of surgical microscope offers application of ultrasound devices which are the less invasive and more precise alternatives. Dental fillings can be modelled down to the finest detail. The outcome of which being a highly aesthetical look (means indiscernible) and a smoothly functional filling.

Dental Surgery (Implantology, Bone Augmentation, Periodontics)

Microsurgeries involving augmentation of bone or soft tissues, alternatively their modelling, strikingly reduce the patient´s post surgery discomfort. The post surgery edema – typical of conventional surgery methods – is eliminated almost completely. The healing process is significantly faster. Besides, the tissues that are being operated on remain completely monitored all along the time of intervention.


The surgical microscope facilitates a highly precise workflow involving preparation of teeth for crown or bridge placements and is safe for adjoining tissues such as gums or mucuous membrane. The microscope can be used to thoroughly check on the quality of impressions taken as the primary factor in resulting dental work quality. In the process of fit evaluation and subsequent bonding of crowns or bridges, the microscope can carry out a close check for precision of the work completed. Observing such positive findings, we see no problem to warrant the product´s perfect quality and its long-term prognosis.
For germane treatments our dentists use dental loupes. These enable them to scrutinize the finest structures and are a powerful prerequisite for the high quality of their performance.